Pilates for Singers: Fall Class Series starts 9/25!

Is this collage fun or terrifying? I can’t decide. So far the only feedback I’ve gotten is, ”It’s a little terrifying, but you do you.”

Hello, fellow singers! I’m super excited to start offering virtual Pilates for Singers classes on Saturdays this Fall. 

Class Details

  • Foundational work, beginners welcome. Or deepen your Pilates practice by revisiting the fundamentals. 
  • No special props needed 
  • We’ll use Pilates to develop strength, mobility, and body awareness 
  • Exercises designed to support the singing body (Want more specifics? Check out 5 Research-Backed Reasons Why Singers Should Do Pilates
  • Experiment with vocalizing in different postures and planes of movement 
  • Full-body workout, with a different theme each month. We’ll wrap our brains and bodies around our abdominal support muscles with this Fall’s first theme: CORE! 


September 25 ; October 2, 9, 16

Saturdays at 11AM PST, livestream class

Cost: $55 for the 4-class series

Class Package Details:

When you buy a class package, you get a bonus replay of each class. Each livestream class will be available for 7 days after streaming. Great in case you need to miss a class, or if you want to go back through some of the exercises on your own.

This class will be recorded. The replay will feature only me teaching, not any of the class participants.

This month’s theme is CORE 

“Pilates is great for singers, because singers need strong cores. But don’t do it wrong/do too much, or you won’t be able to release your abdominals enough to breathe properly for singing.”

As someone who teaches Pilates and loves to sing (and sometimes does them simultaneously :), I’m super interested in unpacking the idea that Pilates causes excess tension in the abdominals.

You may have heard similar advice before — especially if you have dance training.

I started doing and teaching Fletcher Pilates — which has a specific breathwork component and takes a dynamic, three-dimensional approach to core strength — before I started studying vocal technique. 

So in my own body, I’m always experimenting with physicality when I sing. I’ve gotten really curious about how singers can take a balanced approach to building core strength — one that strengthens the abdominal support muscles while maintaining the ability to release them.

If you’re curious, too, I’d love to move and sing with you in class!

2 thoughts on “Pilates for Singers: Fall Class Series starts 9/25!

  1. I unfortunately am just seeing this now 2 weeks late AND have a regular lesson with Christie at 11 on Saturdays. Will you be offering this class again? Or would you be willing to let me buy the package and watch the series on my own? Thanks for your consideration.

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    1. Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for stopping by and for your interest in class. Yes — I will offer class again, and I do plan to put together a video series that singers can watch on their own! I send out class updates via my newsletter — there is a sign-up link if you scroll to the bottom of my homepage. Or, you could use my contact form to send me your e-mail address, and I will e-mail you when I have the details set. Take good care, and happy singing! — Cristin


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