Joyful Movement for Every Body

Because Pilates is for all people. And laughter is abdominal work.

For real, though. Laughter is legit abdominal work. It’s called a belly laugh for a reason, people!

Do you feel at home in your body? Do you think of movement and exercise as pleasure or as punishment?

As a Recovering Perfectionist myself, I know this much is true: Your body is a miracle. It is an instrument, not an ornament. I’d love to help hold the space for you to practice treating it with curiosity and kindness.

So. Out with humorless, judgey-wudgey, spandex-clad sameness. Out with feeling like you need new leggings and a fresh pedicure to dare step foot in a Pilates studio. Out, I say! (Don’t get me wrong — I loves me a good pedicure — but I promise I’m more focused on the function of your amazing, powerful feet.)

In with taking up your space. In with finding what feels good to you. In with exercise that feeds your spirit, your mind, your resilience, and your creativity. In with feeling embodied, centered, and more like yourself.

Salutations supple spine, strong core, stable shoulders, and happy hips.

Hello, human body made to move. What shall you do today? Moonwalk?

Three cheers for intelligent exercise that brightens your day.

Welcome to WhimsyGym Pilates & Play!

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