Hello! I’m Cristin, and I teach Pilates in Seattle.

Two things I wish everyone knew:

(1) Pilates is for everybody.
(2) Laughter is abdominal work.

Lessons and classes with me are sessions are encouraging, explorative and packed full of postural awareness tools you can apply in daily life. I also hope to get you laughing during your sessions, even if I have to break out my jazz hands and/or resort to using the worst puns ever.

I started doing Pilates in 2007 to help manage the stress of law school. Practicing breathing and mindful movement saved me from being eaten alive by the Anxiety Monster during exams. I loved how energized I felt after each session. Over time, Pilates has helped me feel more present and comfortable in my own body. It is my goal and great honor to help my clients feel this way too.

I work as a writer and actor when not teaching Pilates. I get my best ideas from my body, and I spend a lot of time exploring the link between movement and creativity.

My primary training is in Fletcher Pilates, a classical Pilates lineage that pairs movement with specific breathwork. I love helping clients cultivate creative flow both inside and outside the studio through unity of breath, body and spirit.

I also love cheese pizza and my Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Edna Mode.

Adorable puppy asking you to do Pilates
Loooook into my eyes, dahling … you want to do Pilates … Pilaaaaaaates …
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