Your body needs to understand that

The idea is not how fast you do it, but how well you do it. I’d rather have one or two or three things very well done, with total attention given to the body … so that your body has a chance to experience what’s hap

I stumbled upon this gem while watching an archival video of Ron teaching a spine corrector class on Pilates Anytime. I immediately thought “YAAAAAAAS! This is what I’ve been trying to say! This this this!”

I’ve always had a hard time describing why the Fletcher work has been so helpful for my anxiety. Yes, it’s the breath work, for sure. But I think it’s also the awareness that Ron described so beautifully in that video. It’s moving my entire body through space, using the floor for grounding, opening up and out in three dimensions. Contracting, then releasing, from crown of head to tips of toes. After I do that, as Ron said, at least I know where I am.

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