December Self-Practice Mix

Here are few of my favorites for December listening—some newly discovered, some tried and true. Songs about this crazy world, about turning inward but radiating outward. Songs swaddled in a Snuggie and dusted with Mariah Glitter. I’ll be playing this one during my home Fletcher Floorwork, and maybe while wrapping presents, too. Warm, warm, warmer-than-a-portable-personal-sauna holiday wishes to you and yours!


1-3 (A) Solange=So good! (B) You’re leaving not a trace in the world/But you’re facing the world.

4 I have these, even under the warmest covers.

5 I speak of wondrous, unfamiliar lessons from childhood. Are you ready?

6 She’s the only one thinking it through, people. Also: Taco Cat is from Seattle!

7 Commence overpowering desire to scream this song from rooftops. (PS: Language somewhat NSFW, depending on thy W. PLAY IT ANYWAY.)

8 (A) Mariah’s new reality show kind of disappoints me. You? (B) I am still trying to decide whether the cleavage-epaulet combination in this video makes up for it. (C) I know someone who punks his friends with this song at bars, especially karaoke bars. He walks in, gets the bar to play All I Want For Christmas Is You, laughs like a hyena, and walks out. This man is my hero.

9 (A) Sorry not sorry 🙂 (B) This is the only song that manages to get this other song out of my head these days.

10 So much hurt/On this Earth/But you loved me/And I really dared to love you, too.

11 When you gonna make up your mind?

12 Will attempt to remember this one come New Year’s Resolution Time.

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