Pilates for Singers

Rotarius Voice Studio + Breathmode Pilates proudly present
Pilates for Singers

Workshop #1: Upper Back and Ribcage
Saturday, April 24
11:00am – 12:30pm PST
On Zoom!
Cost: $20

Sign-up for this workshop is now closed.
We hope to do another one soon!
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Stand up straight! Lift your chest! Roll your shoulders down and back! You’ve heard it all before, right?

These cues come from an old-school conception of “healthy posture” that really isn’t all that helpful to most modern humans. 

This holds especially true for singers. Yes, we want an open chest, and a ribcage that is buoyant and flexible. But that doesn’t come from a position alone.

And shoving your body into this position without building its foundation over time can be counterproductive. It can cause the ribs to flare and the low back to arch, which lessens your abilities to ground yourself and breathe into your back.

Still from a 1932 Elizabeth Arden “Women’s Posture Tutorial.” I know, right?!

Plus, as actors, we want to be able to maintain healthy vocal technique AND assume as many postures as possible. We need lots of postural options for character-building purposes.

The good news: There’s a new-school definition of healthy posture! Healthy posture is not one position. It’s adaptable. It’s resilient. It’s uniquely yours, because it’s the result of you orienting yourself to the world around you.

Maintaining it comes from tapping into your capacity to sense yourself within your body, rather than assuming some fancy shape imposed from the outside.

In this class, we’ll use Pilates-based exercise to free up range of motion in the upper back and ribcage. We’ll work using body awareness practices, breath awareness exercises, plus simple strength and mobility exercises. You’ll take home lots of ideas for a home Pilates practice that helps support your singing. 

No Pilates experience needed, all singers warmly welcomed.

You’ll need:

  • A mat or other soft surface to lie on
  • A few blankets or towels you can roll up to use for support
  • A chair (preferably one with a straight back and no arms, like a folding chair or dining chair)
  • A back-up track for a song you want to explore while moving. Yes, we will be singing! (On mute. On Zoom. But still singing!) Or bring a favorite poem or monologue to recite/read as you move.

I’m so looking forward to moving with y’all!

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