Struggling with making a video of yourself? Try some nervous system warm-ups.

Hello? Hello? Hello? Umm … hello?

I have had to do lots of self-tapes lately, for my business and for acting auditions. I struggle with them. I swear, if I have to say my own name on camera one more time …🤪 

It’s not so much the presenting as it is the ability to watch said presentation over and over (and over and over). While the I’m-putting-myself-out-there feeling is still fresh. 

Self-tapes seem like they’re here to stay, even for stage auditions.

And even if you’re not a performer, maybe you have to do self-taping for work these days, given our Zoom World? I have a lawyer friend who had to do a self-tape for a job interview the other day — the first of her career.

I’ve tried lots of strategies to improve my resilience in this department. 

What helps me most with self-taping? 1) Setting a time limit for filming and 2) Gentle physical warm-ups, especially warm-ups that calm my nervous system. Turns out that a lot of the warm-ups I’ve been using with Pilates clients for ages can be helpful in this department, too.

So this week, I’ll be sharing some nervous system warm-ups I find helpful for shifting my energy while self-taping. I hope they help you, too!

And I’m curious: If you struggle with this like I do, what is your favorite self-tape self-care strategy? Let me know in the comments.

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